Why I Stopped Taking Vitamin C

Apr 11, 2022

This is a reading of an excerpt from the book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation by famed medical intuitive and Ayurvedic practitioner Andreas Mortiz. It describes the unknown history of vitamin C, the non-science behind vitamin supplements and the possible detrimental effects of taking them.

I used to have full faith in the health power of supplements, especially vitamin C with its antioxidant capabilities.  However, after a recent debilitating illness, in which supplements completely failed to help me so much as I can tell, I have changed my tune.  What made an immediate positive impact in my recovery was an energy healing from a shaman in conjunction with my wife, Lara.  Since that amazing experience (a long story and the subject of a future article) I feel more attuned to the subtle energies of plants and food and I now recognize most vitamin supplements to be devoid of prana, and useless if not detrimental even to true health.

I no longer take supplements prophylactically and consider the biochemical/medical rationale for supplementation to be reductionist "science".

I agree with Andreas Mortiz that a balanced lifestyle free from toxins (on all levels) is what is most important to living a healthy, joyous life.


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