My name is Doug Ringwald and I help yoga teachers, movement instructors, manual therapists and individuals understand movement and how to resolve pain in their students and themselves.

I am a pain-free movement and neuromuscular therapist and educator, specializing in Coaching The Body® methodology with extensive experience in trigger point therapy, neuroscience and functional anatomy.

I help people and share what I've learned through my own experiences and explorations.

I endeavor to explore all possibilities in an open and non-dogmatic way, to find what works and understand how and why, in regards to healing body and psyche, and understanding this journey :)

One area I have explored extensively is pain; the nature of pain, the purpose of pain and the remedies for pain.

Unfortunately, our medical system is still in the "dark ages" when it comes to understanding and resolving pain and movement problems.  Most pain is not from injury, tissue damage or some mysterious local inflammation, as is commonly believed.

80% of pain is due to trigger points in muscles, which are easily addressed once identified.  (This is from pain clinic studies and my own clinical experience.)

My own struggles with debilitating back pain (and an intense spiritual experience) led me to study yoga and become a teacher.  But I didn’t have enough knowledge to really help myself and my yoga students consistently, so I kept searching and learning and picked up many certifications in various body, mind and energy modalities until I found Chuck Duff at Coaching The Body Institute in 2011.  Apprenticing with him, I learned Thai bodywork, functional anatomy, trigger point therapy, osteopathic muscle energy techniques and much more within the paradigm we now call Coaching The Body®.

Over time I became the lead therapist at the CTBI clinic in Chicago, a teacher at the school and a developer of curriculum and courses.  I have helped hundreds of clients out of pain, even those that had been failed by internationally recognized rehab centers, and taught hundreds of students online and in-person.

In 2020 I moved my practice to Aurora, CO, and in addition to serving CTB bodywork clients and students, I started developing courses in yoga and self treatment, informed by the CTB methodology for restoring pain-free movement.

It is my mission and greatest pleasure to help people out of pain and help yoga teachers and therapists learn to address pain effectively.  I strive to keep evolving the CTB system and spread this incredible knowledge to more people through yoga, movement rehab and self treatment courses.  I am so very thankful and grateful for this work and the teachers that have mentored me!

Om Shanti,


Heyam-Dukham-Anagatam.  Pain which is yet to come is to be avoided.  Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.16

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