Coaching The Body®

HandsFree Course!


In-Person Weekend Workshop with CTB Master Practitioner, Doug Ringwald.

June 11-12, 2022 in Lakewood, Colorado.


If you are a massage therapist or bodyworker concerned with:

  • treating large clients...

  • clients that require deep compression...

  • how to move joints through ROM easily while providing compression...

  • how to incorporate therapeutic vibration in sessions...

  • how to feel energized instead of wiped out after helping others...

Then this course is for YOU!



At Coaching The Body Institute, we have helped hundreds of therapists save their careers from burnout by showing them a more effective way to work, a way to work from ease that doesn’t tax one’s own body.  The Hands Free way of working can actually be therapeutic for the practitioner as well as the client!


In this CTB Hands Free class you will learn how to use bodyweight and leverage to work from a place of ease.  I have used these Hands Free techniques to perform effective bodywork sessions on:  football linemen, marines, professional bodyguards, body builders, teamsters and other “heavyweights” in the 200-285 lbs. range.  And I survived to tell the tales!  :)

For those of us who have been practicing CTB for years, these Hands Free techniques are the "go to" techniques regardless of client size, weight and muscle density because they are easy on the practictioner's body, fun and the most therapeutic for the client.

You will not only learn to use bodyweight for static compression (more compression than you will ever need), but you will also learn techniques and body positioning to be able to easily move joints through range while providing compressive feedback or vibration.  This is a hallmark of CTB work and how we retrain pain-free movement, with feedback on muscles and using PIR (post isometric relaxation, or contract/relax stretching).

Join me for the first Coaching The Body In-Person workshop in Colorado!

Can accomodate 20 students max.  Save your spot by registering now.


Sunny Colorado! 

The In-Person workshop will be held at the Inner Transformation Collective studio, 8644 W. Colfax Ave in Lakewood, Colorado, 80215.  The studio operates as a private club (PMA), not a public business and workshop participants will join the club for the duration of the workshop (cost included in workshop price).

The studio is in between The Rocky Mountain foothills and Denver - 15 minute drive East to the trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, 15 minute drive West to hiking trails at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.  Book hotel or AirBnBs near the studio or in the foothills in Morrison or Golden.  Train stop from the Denver Airport is also close to the studio.

Heck, stay an extra day or two and explore the beautiful mountain trails and towns!  Our family favorite hike is St. Mary's Glacier.

Bonus:  Hands Free Online Course!

With the purchase of the 2 Day In-Person workshop, you will receive instant access to the 2.5 hour online Hands Free video course.

This is a great resource with which to preview and review the class!


Learn not just the awesome techniques, but the WHY and HOW to use them for effective pain treatment. 

The techniques in this class are “the greatest hits” of Thai massage that Chuck has collected over decades, as well as unique variations and inventions, and distilled down into the most useful set.  But techniques are worthless without understanding why to use any particular technique.  In this class you will learn the techniques within the CTB framework of functional anatomy, trigger point 2.0, the true sources of pain and effective treatment. 

Student feedback

"How exciting to be able to learn how to use all parts of my body! Elbows, knees, and feet.!"

-Meghan G.

"This was my favorite training yet. The ease of these techniques is incredible. Thanks!"

-Kevin B.

"Really liked all the effortless options!  Love Doug's pace and openness to questions.

-Brigid L.

Your Instructor - Doug Ringwald

Hi!  I am very happy and excited to be teaching in-person courses again!  I taught the CTB program alongside founder Chuck Duff for many years in Evanston and was the lead therapist in the clinic.

I am active in producing new CTB courses and content as well as treating clients and training students, but in Colorado now!  I also hope to bring the reolutionary CTB knowledge to the greater yoga community through my Omniversal Yoga endeavors.

Please join me in this in-person training!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this course, you will learn: 


  • To work from a place of ease, so your work benefits yoru own body as well as your client's. 
  •  To easily provide more compression than you will ever need.
  •  Techniques and body positioning so you can easily move joints through ROM, even on the big people, to retrain pain-free movement.
  •  How to shorten and lengthen muscles to perform post isometric relaxation (PIR or contract/relax).
  •  To recognize pain referral patterns, how muscles produce pain in distant areas and techniques to treat these muscles on the spot.
  •  To recognize common muscle dysfunctions, such as contraction on passive shortening, and how to address them quickly.

Help Your Clients, Help Yourself and

Make Bodywork Fun Again!  :)

CTB Hands Free Course In-Person + Online


Class limited to 20 students

  • 2 Full Days (9am-6pm) of In-Person Training in Colorado
  • 2.5 Hour Online Video Course (Instant Access)
  • 17 Massage CEs